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Villa Holidays in Kemer


Kemer is a newly built resort in Turkey, which has been designed specifically to cater to the needs of tourists. This popular resort combines the beauty of the forest, sea and the mountains to offer an ideal environment for a wonderful holiday.

Situated ...
Villa Holidays in Kalkan


Kalkan is considered to be one of Turkey's most sophisticated and pretty resorts and is becoming the country's premier resort for private villa holidays, due to the great range of quality and fantastically priced restaurants and of course its’ beautiful s ...
Villa Holidays in Ovacik


Resort-wise, Ovacik is a bit of a shrinking violet. It’s a small speck on the western side of Turkey’s Turquoise Coast with a few bars and restaurants on its main street. The quiet village likes things laid-back, but in striking distance you’ve got one of ...
Villa Holidays in Bogazici


Whether it's sitting at a café sipping a cup of strong black Turkish coffee or simply lazing on the beach, If you are looking for relaxing days in a carefree environment then why not head to Bogazici. This quaint village is one of the jewels along the Aeg ...